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Kecher will be delighted to hear from you as you learn from our monthly webinars covering a variety of topics from experts from around the world. If you want to join us on our journey, you can register. There is also a tap that shows what is available. Scholarship possibilities Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Welcome!!

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Team Leaders

Kecher Africa thrive under the guidance, instruction, direction of our brilliant team leaders.

Founder Africa founder

Weldon Siele

Founder and CEO

Everyone requires some assistance and someone who believes in them. That is the essence of Kecher. In Africa, we are assisting and believing in our youth.

Co-Founder, DEO-Japan

Robert Cooper

Co-Founder, DEO-Japan

Broad education, perspective on your life and knowing your options helps you, your society and the whole world become the best that can be when you get a chance.

Jackline (Chemtai) Kapsukut

Jackline (Chemtai) Kapsukut


Youthful scholars with dreams become leaders with vision

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