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As used by the Kipsigis people in Kenya, “Kecher” is a term that might loosely translate as to “inspire” or “motivate.” Starting in mid-2019 with the aim of mentoring kids in rural Kenya, Kecher has broadened its activities — still, always focused on promoting learning — to include webinars about studying abroad, student exchanges, and other educational activities. We choose to focus especially on high-school students, because they are at a crossroads in their lives, faced with making important decisions that will greatly effect their futures. Kecher volunteers realized that we, ourselves, would have had better perspective and more inspiration when we were high-school students, if only we had had more contact with diverse people from various walks of life and from various places in the world. We volunteers at Kecher recognize that we are now in a position in our lives where we can help others, by sharing our perspective on our careers, on decision-making, on finding inspiration, and on carrying it through! Whether you want to be a mechanic or a surgeon, a social worker or a farmer, or any of so many possible futures, Kecher wants to help you make informed decisions about your life.

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The Kecher View

Small, rural villages all around the world are often economically, physically, and technologically isolated from global trends and possibilities. Rural youth's potential and goals often go unrealized because of their disadvantageous starting place, robbing them of their potential and depriving the world of their contributions.

People that are motivated to learn go a long way. Students broaden their perspective by having access to information and hearing diverse viewpoints, which helps then develop a sense of mission and direction in their lives. Perspective, direction, and learning are the raw resources with which students can build future careers, no matter where they are.

Kecher's growing number of volunteers from around the world are eager to share their knowledge with other young people, so that they can have a bright, rewarding future, both as individuals and as members of society.

Some Statistics:

0M + Primary Students
0M + Secondary Students
0% University/College Students

What we do

Kecher Africa is a hybrid online and offline outreach program that bridges the gap between often-isolated rural communities and the trends and opportunities in the world at large. High-school mentoring programs, webinars and workshops on higher-education opportunities abroad, community exchanges and more, inspiring our youth to actively participate in today’s knowledge revolution and skill-building for tomorrow.

Our aim is to motivate the African youth to gain powerful life and academic skills and grow into responsible adults, emphasizing:

  • Quality Education
  • Gender equality of rights and opportunity
  • Ethics and responsibility
  • Promotion of industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Who we work with

Kecher, with the help of other organizations, comes in to bridge the gap and ensure that illiteracy levels in Africa are reduced through our mentorship program, with an interest in preparing a child in Africa for the future.

Kecher Africa initiative, therefore, works closely with:

  • Volunteers across the globe in various fields
  • Institutions of learning from primary, secondary, colleges and universities
  • Non-Governmental organizations
  • National and county governments in respective countries

Objective Impact

  • To provide relevant information about scholarship opportunities and how to apply.
  • To connect African students with international scholars so that they can get first-hand information from experts/scholars in the field or areas they want to explore
  • To improve the standard of living in Africa's rural areas.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Upholding standards and code of ethics


  • Kecher received donation support of face masks, water tanks, and other hand washing tools (to fight COVID19) from Japan in the year 2020, which were distributed to 14 different primary and secondary schools in Kenya's Bomet and Narok Counties.
  • We have successfully connected a total of 434 students from 2020 through our monthly webinars, 15 of whom are currently enrolled in various scholarship programs.
  • Kecher has established direct links between three Kenyan primary schools and primary schools in Japan.

Team Leaders

Kecher Africa thrive under the guidance, instruction, direction of our brilliant team leaders.

Co-Founder, DEO-Japan

Robert Cooper

Co-Founder, DEO-Japan

Broad education, perspective on your life and knowing your options helps you, your society and the whole world become the best that can be when you get a chance.

Founder Africa founder

Weldon Siele

Founder and CEO

Everyone requires some assistance and someone who believes in them. That is the essence of Kecher. In Africa, we are assisting and believing in our youth.

Eugene Mr

Pauline Kimathi

Chief Marketing Officer

Growing up, I somehow knew I didn’t need help, I needed support! And that is the delicate balance in mentoring someone; it is not creating them in your own image but rather giving them the opportunity to create themselves! This is our strength as Kecher—we build your capacity to discover what is within you and see beyond your horizon.

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