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Kecher is a group of professional and student volunteers from around the world, sharing our diverse views and experience with African high-school students, to promote their global perspective and well-informed decision making, when it comes time to deciding on their futures. We offer mentorship programs, webinars on higher education abroad, community exchanges and more! Join us as a participant or a volunteer.

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Our History

As used by the Kipsigis people in Kenya, "Kecher" is a term that might loosely translate as "motivate". After a basic concept to mentor kids from rural Kenya in mid-2019, Kecher extended its focus to include webinars about studying abroad, student exchanges, and other educational tools. Because high school kids are at a crossroads in their lives, we chose to focus on them.

Why Choose Kecher?

Kecher is a non-profit organization that connects volunteer mentors from all over the world. Kecher mentors are passionate professionals from a wide range of fields with a diverse set of backgrounds and life experiences. We come together donating our time and energy, because we have a strong conviction. Kecher community believe that a vibrant and resilient society necessitates not only skills but also high ethical practices in all occupations.

Be Part of Us

Hello and welcome to Kecher. You can join us by registering to attend our monthly webinars as a student, mentor, or partner. Kecher enables students to communicate with professionals and other students, providing inspiration and helping to establish a culture of inclusiveness, global perspective, mutual understanding and shared opportunities. Join our professional network by clicking the link below.


Current and future projects

Mentorship Program - High School

Kecher's mentorship program aims to support the personal and professional development of high school students, by inspiring them and connecting them to professionals to improve their professional, soft as well as life skills.

Monthly Webinars

Our monthly webinars series "Education Beyond Borders" and "After Education Beyond Borders" are aimed at sharing information about studying abroad, such as scholarships, university applications, and life in general, and the role of African diaspora in the development of the Continent

Student Exchange Program

Kecher Africa's student exchange program promotes language and cultural exchange between high school students in rural Africa and high school students in Japan.

Community Exchange Program

Kecher's Community Exchange Program aims to facilitate cultural exchange among senior citizens in rural Kenya and Japan. Through this program, we also hope to promote an exchange of ideas and knowledge aimed at solving social issues.

Education for Tomorrow's Leaders

Young people aren't the leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of today and tomorrow.


Kecher's Mission

Our mission is to motivate students, particularly those in rural African high schools, to reach their full potential by armin them with an international perspective and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Related UNSDGs

Our Objectives align with a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including;

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Gender Equality of opportunity
  • Promotion of Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • Quality Education

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Our partners

We are priviledged to work with the following partners and organizations across the globe.

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